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Corner sofas

In the range of our products, you will find different sizes of corner sofas, some of which are available with a sleeping function.

Komplety wypoczynkowe


Leisure sets intended for a living room. We offer low prices of sets.


We provide couches in styles suiting every taste. Classic and modern versions.


Sofa beds

Our sofa beds are a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Very easy to unfold.

żółty fotel


Resistant to damage, tailored to your style. Check out available models.



Many pattern and filling options available. Place an order with us.

Manufacturer of furniture Przew Pol from Bralin

We are a company specialising in the production of seats, intended mainly for a living room. Our business began in 2008 and continues until today. We now have a large selection of furniture, which is manufactured by a team of more than 40 trained employees. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer!



narożnik londyn u